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Having A Paraplegic Father

When I was 7, my dad fell off the three story roof. I was at school during the incident. When I got home, I saw my mom and my adult sister sitting close together on the couch crying. I said “Mommy, What’s wrong?” Mom told me what happened. 

I did not feel much emotion at the time. The grief hit me when I was around 12 years old. 

The good news was my dad survived the fall and was sent to the hospital by helicopter. When I visited him, he was asleep on the bed with a lot of equipment hooked up to him. He was in a medically induced coma. I brought my finger nail polish and decided to paint his toenails pink. 

After a couple weeks, dad was brought out of the medically induced coma. He told me that when a nurse came into the room and saw his pink toenails, she giggled. That’s when dad realized what his daughter had done while he was resting. He admitted he was upset at first but then he said he thought it was funny as time went by. That’s a memory me and my father love talking about. 

My dad spent 6 months in the hospital before finally being discharged. Due to my dad falling off the roof and becoming paraplegic, we lost our large house. A lot of events happened after that, and me and my mom ended up in a small apartment and dad was at another persons house who we called our “friends” who turned out to be horrible greedy people. Later on, dad got an opportunity to rent a room in another household. Things from there took a turn for the best! 

Once a week, I get to go to my dad’s house and hang out with him. I love hanging out with my dad more than doing my favorite activity’s. My dad has taught me many cool tricks especially in the technology field. My father inspires me significantly. When I grow up, I want to work with computers just like him! My dad’s given me many positive opportunities that most parents couldn’t give. My dad understands me, and we both agree that we are on this boat together no matter what. If it weren’t for my dad, I wouldn’t be the kind person I am today. 

Article Written by Izabella Phillips

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