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How to deal with a cyberbully

How to deal with a cyberbully on the internet

The internet is a large place full of all kinds of people. You’ll come across kind people, funny people, angry people, and yes, cyberbullies, or what I call online trolls. Being cyberbullied online can be very hard to deal with.

The First thing you need to know is that bullying somebody on the internet is wrong. Once you post something online, it’s there forever. You can delete a post, but that post may never go away permanently. People can download content from just about every app, and every website and continuously post it on different platforms. For example, let’s say you made a post showing a picture of a girl from school saying “look how ugly she is.” Know that you could really hurt somebody and even potentially ruin that persons life even just posting that. People online will criticize. You can’t undo the damage you’ve done to that person no matter what. Please think before you post something potentially harmful, and ask yourself “how would I feel if somebody posted this about me?”

Let’s say somebody online left a mean comment on your post. What should you do about it? What would help, and what would make things worse? I know this is an answer most won’t want to hear, but just ignore it. You can report it to the social media staff by pressing the report button and block them, but do not answer back to them. There’s a saying “don’t feed the trolls.” Online bullies want you to react, and want nothing more than to upset you and for you to give them a reaction. Simply act as if you never saw it, or that you simply don’t care. Maybe even laugh with them and act like it’s a joke. You can choose to be a victim. You can choose whether to let it upset you, or to laugh it off. Where energy goes, energy flows. You’re in control of your own feelings and actions. Be the mature person. Don’t let an ignorant person have the power to make you upset. If somebody hates you, it’s they’re problem not yours. It’s them that has to live a hateful negative life, not you. It’s takes strength to be a good person, and meanness is a sign of weakness.

My name is Izabella Phillips, and thank you for reading my blog!

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