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How to deal with the loss of a dog

How to deal with the loss of a dog - By Izabella Phillips

My dog, sparky, was attacked by a cat. The wound became so infected that even with the vets help, there was no saving Sparky. The loss was very difficult mostly for my father who is paraplegic and alone a lot of the day when I’m not over visiting. Sparky kept my dad a lot of company. 

Some things I can recommend before the loss (if you are having your dog put down) is to keep something that will remind you of them. Maybe take a sample of fur, or get a claypaws paw print that you can order from Amazon. 

Know that it’s ok to cry and mourn for a while after. Grieving is different for everybody. Crying is perfectly normal and you should not be afraid to do so. Some people may recover in a week, some may recover in a year, some may never fully recover. If the grief becomes too intense, it’s best to talk about it with family, friends, or with a support group. The worst thing you can do is keep to yourself. Keeping it to yourself is mentally very unhealthy and will do more harm then good.

Make sure to continue to remind yourself that your dog is no longer in any pain. You may miss you’re pet, but they are not really gone. They’ll always be in your heart! Nothing can take away the memory's and love you had together.

Something I did when my dog Sparky passed away was I went into the Amazon app and bought a grave marker with his picture on it. Even though sparky wasn’t buried, it was still comforting to place down a memorial for him to show my love for him. It’s also really nice to order quality printed photos through google photos. It’s affordable and very nice to have around. There are countless other ways to help you get through this hard loss. You can make a scrapbook, you can write a story about them, and much more.

You’ll get through this! Your pet would want you to be happy, and to celebrate them. Please live your life, laugh again and be free. For each breath you take, you’ll be taking one for them. 

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