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Keyboard Shortcuts For Beginners

Computers have all kinds of amazing features. The keyboard is a very important addition to a computer as it allows you to text, type and do all kinds of amazing things!

Below are some keyboard shortcuts for beginning computer users.

Hold down the control key on Windows and press:

C - Copy

V - Paste

X - Cut

A - Select All

R - Refresh Page

L - Highlight URL

F - Find

S - Save

P - Print

T - New Tab

W - Close Tab

Z - Undo

I would like to go over three of the shortcuts above. They are W(Close tab), C (Copy), and S (Save).

W is great because it closes unwanted tabs in your computer. Having too many tabs open can cause your computer to be slower to the point of it being annoying. Closing tabs helps declutter irrelevant information and can save you space on your computer as well. Always be sure to close your tabs!

The C and S tab are also extremely important. Let’s say that there’s a big school test coming up and you need notes to help you study. Instead of having to retype everything, you can press CTRL + C and copy certain areas of information that you need for your notes.

The S tab is responsible for saving your work. If your device does not automatically save documents and you happen to exit out of your computer, you will have an unwelcoming surprise waiting for you next time you go into that document. You will have a lonely blank page mockingly staring up at you. To avoid this, always save your work! The best thing about CTRL + S is that you can save anything anytime you want. You do not have to finish a document all at once. Remember to save your work!

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