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Quick Facebook Overview

Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps out there. It is used for a variety of things such as blog posting, marketing, news, and many other subjects of interest. If you wish to start your own blog on Facebook, be sure to have a specific subject, a goal on how you will reach out to your audience, and a specific message in your writing. Using images in blogs is a good way to catch the eye of viewers passing by. A blog image, also known as a thumbnail, will gain more people's attention than blogs without any images. Images are very important in posts! Another thing you can do on Facebook is sell and purchase things. You can find good deals in the Facebook Marketplace!

Today I will be guiding you through the world of Facebook. People will be on different devices, however the process is very similar to each platform. I will be using an iOS iPad. There are six tabs we will go over: Home, Friends, Watch, Marketplace, Notifications, and Menu.

The Home Page is the first place you will see. It is home to all content including What's Trending, What Your Friends Post, etc. You can add your own post by clicking the What's on Your Mind box with your profile picture next to it.

In the Friends tab, you will find Friend Requests, People You May Know, and your Friends List. Pressing the three dots to the side of the person will give you more options including the option to message them, unfollow them, block them, and unfriend them.

The Watch option will show videos that are trending on Facebook as well as videos from your friends and family. You can add your own friends and family. You can also add your own video as well. Be sure to like videos that you find entertaining to give more credit to the publisher!

In the Marketplace, you will find all kinds of things for sale, and even free items as well! For example, let's say you wanted to find an apartment. You can use the built-in search engine to come across all kinds of deals! You can also sell things, such as a room for rent, a used car, old clothing, collectors items, silver, and more!

Next, we will come across the Notifications page. This page is home to all of your alerts and notifications. You can find updates and be notified when your friends and family make new posts, and much more.

Lastly, we will arrive at the Menu Bar. You will see your information including pages, friends, memories, saved content, and more. You can also go to Help & Support as well as Settings & Privacy. These pages contain the majority of your information.

Thank you for reading and I hope this quick overview helps you understand the different sections of Facebook.

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Hi, I found out that you can upload videos to your Facebook profile, except I'm having trouble with the size of my videos.

I have to compress a video for facebook to upload video successfully and without any defects, please tell me if it's possible to fix it?


Joseph Woolford
Joseph Woolford
Nov 15, 2022

Thank you for the Facebook overview, the details were easy to follow along to!. I wonder if there will be a follow up about Instagram or Meta?

Replying to

I will see what I can do!


Teresa Wright
Teresa Wright
Nov 14, 2022

Great work Bella!! Very informative! Keep up the good job!😎

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