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Serious Apatosaurus

What is the Apatosaurus?

The Apatosaurus is a dinosaur that was one of the biggest sauropods that lived in the Jurassic era. Meaning “deceptive lizard” in Greek, it is recognized for its large size. The size of the Apatosaurus has been greatly disputed throughout history and has also been greatly linked to the size and shape of the brontosaur. The Apatosaurus has four long lengthy legs, a long and whip-liked tail, and a long neck that leads up to a small head. Weighing in at its largest known size at 45 tons, the Apatosaurus was massive. Also known for being massive, the Apatosaurus could be measured up to 75 feet in length at its largest.

The Diet of the Apatosaurus

The Apatosaurus consumed about 400 kg of various plants and herbage a day. These include low-level plants and vegetation, as well as to the tallest of soft tree leaves. The Apatosaurus also had a large stomach as it was also known to swallow small pebbles to aid in digestion.

Final Thoughts

Of all the largest dinosaurs I've researched, I think that the Apatosaurus is my favorite, even though it is largely confused with the Brontosaurus. Before starting this assignment, I didn't know that it was disputed what the body and size of this dinosaur is like. It has been modified in museums more than once. The most recent model of the Apatosaurus has a small head that resembles the one on display at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh.

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Nov 15, 2022


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