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Starting Your Child In Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a great sport for learning confidence, focus, dedication, and more.

Gymnastics can keep your child active, and healthy. Learning new skills is fun for your child and keeps them wanting to learn even more. Gymnastics has been proven to help kids focus and learn in school as well.

Gymnasts can start as early as 2 years old. If your wanting your child to potentially reach higher levels such as elite and optionals, then I recommend the child starts within the age 2 to 4 range.

If your wanting your child to reach the Xcel gymnastics program, then I recommend starting from age 4 to 7. The Xcel program has a lot more flexible hours and isn’t as hard on the athlete as the Junior Olympic Program.

The Xcel Gymnastics Levels go from Xcel Bronze to Xcel Sapphire

All Xcel levels

Xcel Bronze (level 2/3)

Xcel Silver (level 3/4)

Xcel Gold (level 5)

Xcel Platinum (level 6/7)

Xcel Diamond (level 7/8)

Xcel Sapphire (level 8,9,10)

However, there really isn’t a limit as to how old you can start gymnastics. Gymnastics does not always have to be about competition, it can be done simply for fun. There are also adult gymnastics programs out there.

As a special needs adult who has been doing gymnastics since age 8, I can tell you that everyone is capable of being successful in gymnastics. Nobody thought I would make it past level 2. I made it to level 9 in trampoline and tumbling , which is second to the highest level before elite! I can do double backs (double backflips) , half in pike outs (front half twist piked backflip) and more.

Gymnastics is for everybody!

Article written by Izabella Phillips

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