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What If World War 3 Broke Out?

What if world war 3 broke out?

Before you begin reading, know that everything I’m saying is just based on my own theory and is not supported by any facts.

This is my personal theory on what could happen if and when world war 3 broke out

First off, I truly do believe that yes, there will be a world war 3 some point in time. And if I were to predict when, I would assume yes, it would be in our life time. But how would it happen? What would be the overall destruction, and who would be involved? How could people stay safe? Keep reading to find out.

If world war 3 broke out, it would be the deadliest most destructive war known in world history. Even worse then the pro harbor war, world war 1, and world war 2 combined. I believe one of the first things that would happen is everyone’s satellites that carry internet would be attacked first. Internet is more important then you actually might think! Without internet, communication would be near impossible, as well as a lot of our factories, water plants, etc would also be impacted to the point of humans not having enough resources to maintain life. Nearly everything during these times is run off of internet.

USA and China haven’t been on good terms lately, following Russia. That’s a fact right there. But why? Honestly, I believe a big part of this problem is authority, and territory. Recently the USA Air Force came very close to china’s territory, which could have potentially caused a fight alone. But we’re not going to discuss that in this post.

Let’s be realistic, if a nuclear bomb was headed straight toward you, with or without a bomb shelter, you would not survive a direct impact. Now let’s talk about being out of the blast zone. You would not be out of the woods. Radiation would be carried towards you in the clouds. You could not use rain as drinking water. Anything that gets infected with radiation would not be edible, including canned foods. Any electric cars would not function either. The best way to stay safe out of the blast zone is to attempt to go as far underground as possible, and have non perishable food, and water. Based on other wars, the currency will decrease significantly. But the good news is precious medals such as gold and silver will actually increase in value during a war time. A silver coin could mean the difference between being able to buy food, or starving. Even if a war never took place, it’s always good to have gold and silver as an investment. Silver has continued to go up in value over the years. And at one point, somewhere or sometime, the currently will drop temporarily, making silver and gold much more worth investing.

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope you have an amazing day today!

Written By Izabella Phillips

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