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What to do when pulled over by the police

It’s very normal to feel nervous when being pulled over by a police officer. Some thoughts and fears you may have is getting a ticket, loosing points, and more.

One thing I’ll tell you is to not Panic. What you do if you make sure your hands are always visible until the officer instructs you to grab your license and registration. Placing your hands on the wheel makes the cop aware you are compliant and no threat to yourself or others. Police officers deal with a lot of crazy things, and they are human too. They have fears just like us. People assault cops, shoot cops, become noncompliant and many other things.

You have every right to be angry, but giving the officer an attitude will not make the situation any better. In fact, attitude can mean the difference between getting a ticket or a warning. As long as you’re cool with the cop, the cop will be cool with you. After all, the officer is just doing their job. They don’t make the law, but they do have to enforce it. Cops have hard enough jobs as it is and they truly appreciate those who comply and are friendly with them. It works better for both of you!

Thanks for reading!

Written by Izabella Phillips

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